Is your blood Paleo? WellnessFX will tell you

As Crossfit athletes and Paleo Dieters, we all know the benefit of tracking our results. We’ve got our log books to see how much our work outs and lifts have improved. We take pride when our clothes are too big for our new, leaner bodies. But how do you track your progress for what’s going… [Continue Reading]

WellnessFX Review

Roasted Cabbage Rounds

My mom made a delicious cabbage dish last night. Adapted from a favorite in our household, Martha Stewart. If you like cabbage and are looking for a new way to make it, give this one a try! Ingredients: 1 Head of green cabbage Olive oil Sea Salt Pepper Caraway / Fennel Seeds Directions: Preheat oven… [Continue Reading]

Roasted Cabbage Rounds

Mustaches are Paleo!

It’s scientifically proven that mustaches make you more Paleo. Back in Paleolithic days, shaving was way out of style,  everyone wore mustaches- men, women, even kids wore caterpillars above their lips… it’s science, look it up. Now it’s your turn. While, October was about saving boobs, November is about man parts! Movember is an international, maybe… [Continue Reading]

Mustaches are paleo

Aloha Kabobs

As a single gal, I only have to worry about cooking for myself. It had been too long since I had made kabobs and I was just really craving some grilled pineapple. I was at Fresh & Easy (a Southern California grocery store) and I found the gluten-free aisle. I was hoping  there would be… [Continue Reading]

Paleo Aloha Kabobs

Composting: a Paleo Responsibility

You know you eat paleo when your trash can is full of all kinds of fruit and veggie trimmings, egg shells and coffee grounds. These are PERFECT for a compost bin. I’ve always wanted to compost, but have been in apartments and very busy jobs for the past few years. Don’t get me wrong –… [Continue Reading]

How to Compost your leftover paleo foods


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